Big Hospitality - Venice Bakery UK launches gluten-free pizza base….Venice Bakery, an established USA-based manufacturer of 'free from' thin and crusty pizza bases, has launched its gluten-free product in the UK at IFE 2013 under the name Venice Bakery UK…Read more>

The Grocer - Gluten Free & Vegan Pizza Base Launching: March 2013 Manufacturer: Venice Bakery Venice Bakery is a family-run business that supplies US grocery stores and restaurants including Disneyland and Whole Foods Market. Its pizza bases are more>

Pizza Marketplace - Venice Bakery expands gluten-free pizza line to the UK March 1, 2013 Venice Bakery UK will showcase its new "Free From" pizza crust at the International Food and Drink event in London March 17-20. The crust is "free from" gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, corn and egg. According to the company, the secret recipe is created with elasticity, which means when cooked, it yields a crispy crust unlike other gluten-free bases .... Read More>

Your Source Today - Venice Bakery 'Free From' Food Launches in the UK. Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 Currently when consumers dine at local restaurants and large chains they often encounter problems when they ask for details of whether some foods contains allergens or not, as items are bought in bulk and are not labelled in detail as they are for food products in supermarkets. Read More>

Take Stock Magazine - An exciting opportunity for Restaurants & Food Service as Venice Bakery ‘Free From’ food launches in the UK! Date added: 04/10/2013 Read more

IFE 2013 - Freedom for ‘Free From’ customers as Venice Bakery aunches in the UK! Venice Bakery, the home of America’s best ‘Free From’ pizza, launches their thin and crispy .....Read more

Positively Coeliac - Gluten Free Pizza Bases & Flatbreads 2 June 2013 I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some pizza bases and flatbreads to sample courtesy of Venice Bakery UK, an American company new to the UK. Read more>
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Love Lactose Free Life - Venice Bakery UK Saturday, 23 February 2013 Since becoming gluten free, now almost entirely dairy free and having a small child to look after things have got a little trickier! Thankfully Venice Bakery have come to my rescue! Read more>

The delicious seasoned Italian herb flavour of the crust was a delight and really gave the pizza that little bit extra that a plain base wouldn’t. I don’t know why more pizza bases aren’t lightly seasoned with Italian herbs come to think of it. Read more

I’ve heard many good things about the Venice Bakery, so when they sent me some samples through the post I couldn’t wait to tear them open and get stuck in! Read more

But what I really want is to be able to get some decent gluten free ready-made pizza bases in my regular supermarket delivery. So if anyone from the major supermarkets is reading this, I implore you, beg you, beseech you to stock the new Venice Bakery gluten free pizza bases as soon as possible. They are so delicious that you will be overrun with anyone who needs to avoid gluten, dairy or eggs and loves pizza. Read more